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testmate is the result of years of experience and an experienced agile development team.

testmate team member

Christian Hettiger
Executive Manager

testmate team member

Horatiu Sava
Head of Development


testmate team member

Shpat Sllamniku 
Software Developer

testmate team member

Julia Hettiger
Costumer Consultant

testmate team member

Mario Endreß
Seminar Management

testmate team member

Asena Söylen
Marketing & Sales

The people behind testmate

Motivated, highly specialized consultants from the fields of quality and testing with special skills and always focusing on the well-being of the customer. We are specialized, instead of being everywhere. These are the people behind testmate.


us special

In order to offer a first-class product, you need to know the needs of your customers and how to develop software efficiently. testmate is the result of our years of experience in consulting projects in quality and test management coupled with an experienced agile development team that develops solid software in the shortest possible time. We are independent, flexible and focus our development on customer value.

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