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What’s new in Release 2.0

New functions and improvements

Right mouse button menu:

  • Until now, the right mouse button in testmate still had functions beyond the respective browser standard. By popular demand, we have made all menu functions additionally accessible with the right mouse button with this release.
  • Depending on the current editing context, the right-click in the selection menu offers exactly those functions that are available in this situation. This is a further step towards more intuitive operation.

Faster navigation between design and planning in test sets:

  • Double-click or right-click menu to go from the test case in the “Test Case Execution” module to its definition directly in the “Test Case Design” module
  • Double-click or right-click menu on a concrete test case in the “Test case design” module leads directly to its planning in the test set

Copy function of logical test case steps:

  • Another very handy new feature is the ability to copy one or more logical test case steps. For example, if there are recurring test steps that occur in several test cases, they can now simply be copied and pasted into a new test case.
  • In addition, some bugs have been fixed, thus improving stability and performance.