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What’s new in Release 2.1.4

New features and improvements:

With the rollout of Release 2.1.4 in production, we complete the structured test process in terms of requirements coverage with testmate and further improve the intuitive user interface.

New Test Object Design module

  • testmate now includes the Test Object Design module. This allows the creation, maintenance and management of test objects within testmate’s already familiar hierarchies of test levels and test object categories.
  • The specification of test objects and their properties (criticality and complexity) quickly makes it transparent how many test cases are to be created for the subject under test. This allows planning of the effort for test preparation at an early stage. Test objects can reference requirements and descriptive documents.
  • Test cases can be created from the created test objects or subsequently linked to test objects. As a result, testmate provides a transparent picture of test coverage at all times, both in terms of test case creation and execution.

Direct links from other applications to testmate test cases

  • testmate now supports calling via permalinks. This refers to external URL references (Web URL links) to Test Cases. This allows e.g. web URL links to be stored in the used defect tracking tool (HP Quality Center, JIRA, Bugzilla, GIT …), which directly refer to the test case stored in testmate.
    For example, a link to a test case can be sent within the test team via email or chat, which opens the referenced test case directly in the browser of the recipient.

Further improvements

As part of the continuous improvement, the following topics have also been improved:

  • The optimization of the context sensitive user guidance via right click menu.
  • Displaying the list of all executions for a test case by right-clicking on a concrete test case
  • Jump from the list of all executions to the concrete execution in the Test Execution module
  • Better structuring of reports
  • Performance and stability improvements
  • General error corrections
  • Revision and creation of online help for test object design and links